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Date with a climate-change denier

He was tall and cute and the perfect amount of awkward. Our first date was on a balmy Tucson evening in January. I scootched back in my chair and crossed my legs beneath my sundress as he asked, “What do you write about?”



The Wager For Rain

For decades, Southwestern scientists have tried to engineer their way out of a chronic water shortage problem. Are their best solutions any less an act of prayer than a rain dance?  Megan Kimble takes us through America’s new wager for rain.


This desert wants to stay in the dark Science & Technology 7/8/12

Southern Arizona’s black skies have turned the region into an international hub for astronomy. A proposed mine and its floodlights could threaten that.

Arizona immigration: SB 1070 took toll on state’s reputation National 4/26/2012

On the day the Supreme Court considered the constitutionality of Arizona’s law to combat illegal immigration, Arizonans reflected on what the controversy over the law had meant for the state.

In Arizona, furor over illegal immigration has cooled National 4/26/2012

Two years after Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration was signed into law, putting the state front and center in the debate over one of the nation’s most controversial issues, the firestorm over illegal immigration has subsided a bit.

100 cool places in Arizona Travel 2/12/12

Grand vistas? Check. Funky restaurants? On the list. Wild and woolly history? You got it. Arizona marks the centennial of its statehood, so we scoured the state and found five score places for your “must” list.

Hiking where locomotives once chugged Travel 7/8/11

Twenty thousand miles of old U.S. rail lines have been converted into recreational trails for hikers, bicyclists and horseback riders. California has more than 100 distinct trails.

California hostels offer budget-luxury accommodations Travel 12/5/10

No longer just for backpackers in Europe, hostels appeal to a wide demographic of budget travelers.

Into the Mouth of Hades Travel 5/5/11

Nicaragua: The crawl up the cloud-shrouded terrain seemed ominous from afar.

Suburban living, down on the farm National 11/29/10

A growing number of housing developments are being built around organic farms, offering residents the fresh produce and open space of farm life without the hassle.

How I Made It: Martha de la Torre, founder of El Clasificado Business 6/12/11

How I Made It: Keren Taylor, founder of WriteGirl Business 4/10/11

Manhattan Beach tamps down its volleyball tournament Metro 8/2/10




Holding Pattern: A Melon’s Cross-Border Journey from Farm to Fridge Spring 2012

Every day between October and April, 3,000 semi-trailer trucks pass through Nogales. In the winter, 70 percent of produce on American supermarket shelves comes from Mexico, and most of that produce gets funneled through here. Although McAllen, Texas is seducing an increasing number of semis — with easier access to the Eastern Seaboard and a state legislature that understands a border functions as a membrane rather than a wall — the Mariposa port of entry in Nogales is still, for now, the Ellis Island of Mexican produce.

UnSprawl Case Study: Serenbe Fall 2011

Located 30 miles southwest of Atlanta, Serenbe is nestled in the heart of 40,000 acres of forest—now incorporated as the City of Chattahoochee Hills—protected by a development plan that preserves 70 percent of the area’s green space. A centerpiece of the Serenbe community is the 25-acre, organic Serenbe Farms, which not only supplies produce to a weekly farmer’s market and onsite and regional restaurants, but also helps to forge a sense of identity for the overall development.





Why I’m Not Skipping Christmas As the protests of the 99 percent fade into the holiday specials, sales, and one-day only offers, Christmas—the whole month of it—seems like an exhausting spectacle. But it still matters.

Smells in a Brazilian Ônibus In the latest from our nonlinear narrative series, Megan Kimble remixes a day in Recife, Brazil, from the smells of a bus.

Semilla Nueva: Planting new seeds in Guatemala

Megan Kimble was a writer selected to travel with the Green Living Projectto document environmental and community sustainability efforts in Guatemala and Belize. 

Tracking Black Howler Monkeys at the Community Baboon Sanctuary

Green Living Project: Conservation in Belize


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