I just finished my first ever e-book, read on my shiny new Kindle Fire. Last week, I was reading my first e-book on my shiny new Kindle Fire as I spun around an elliptical machine at the University of Arizona rec center. I saw two friends on the weight machines below and waved a jolly hello, and then went back to my reading. When we ran into each other at the abs mats—isn’t that where everyone runs into each other these days?—we said hello. “Kicking some butt on the elliptical, huh?” my friend said, mid-crunch.

“Hmm,” I said. I had hardly broken a sweat. “Not really. I guess?”

“You looked intense,” he said. “You looked like you were trying to start a fire with your mind!”

To which I shared with him that I had, in fact, been furrowing my brow at my Kindle Fire! I don’t suppose this is what the name refers to—the furrowed brows of people setting fires with their minds presumably not the image Amazon marketeers want to convey—but I thought it nicely apt. And a very helpful reminder to turn up the font size in all future e-books so as not to accidentally light fires with my mind.


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