excitement at the LAT Festival of Books

It was a new year, at a new venue (USC!) and there were new blogging adventures.

Rick Springfield will take his pants off if you stay

If you were at the Festival of Books on Sunday to see Rick Springfield, you had better have planned on staying until the end. “You! You, where are you going? Am I boring you?” he called. “I’ll take my pants off if you stay.” He was on his feet, unbuttoning his pants to moon the deserter before anyone could grab a camera — and sitting back down, chuckling, before anyone realized he was faking it.

In the hour-long interview with Alex Cohen, Springfield unbuttoned the top button of his pants twice (both times to lure back wayward fans), bowed three times, confirmed that he would neither reprise his role of Dr. Noah Drake on the soap opera “General Hospital” nor appear on “Dancing with the Stars,” and revealed that he did not, in fact, ever get “Jessie’s Girl.” [continue reading]

But then: What did Rick Springfield do after the Festival of Books? Get arrested on suspicion of DUI. 

More fun:

Ted Danson says save the fishies to save yourself

And three science writers say we’re all connected… or something

“Pandas are awesome and this is happiness”


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