eleven and twenty-four

In a curious way, age is simpler than youth, for it has so many fewer options.

—Stanley Kunitz

And a happy 2011 to that, to a new year of not-simple options: the blessing and the curse of youth, and all that can, could, will be. To the year of 24 and the possibilities of 2011. It seems like this time of year commands reflection and resolution—everyone else is doing it!. So much of this time of year is about being with the people that make up your life, which leaves little time to make goals and be pensive. In any case, my current resolutions were made sometime in the hazy middle of 2009, and I’m thrilled at where they’ve led me: where I’m starting this new year. I feel like I have less options this year than last, but this is a great thing, an aging thing: on the right path.

I ended 2010 in a blurry of food and home. We had two Christmases this year, because two special family members weren’t present on real Christmas. So, some of us made enchilades and mole on the nacimiento de Cristo, and more of us had stuffing, meatloaf, and pie on a random Thursday thereafter—second Christmas! Really, Christmas is less a holiday, a specific day, than a collection of moments over a season, a collection of people acknowledging each other, that they care for each other. I went shopping on 3rd St. Promenade at dusk on the eve of Christmas Eve and affixed to the roof of Ye Old King’s Head Pub was a snowblower, whirring fake snow into the warm night over an ocean view.

I’m off to Guatemala and Belize tomorrow for two weeks. I have pulled the backpacking backpack out of its hiding place, washed and folded my dry fit clothes, and I’m thrilled to be off to that narrow peninsula that has offered me so much. I’m going with Green Living Project (a production and marketing company that documents global sustainability-related initiatives, with whom I visited lovely New Mexico last month) and my sole function on the trip shall be: writer. After a year of wearing so many hats—coach, teacher, tutor, assistant—I love such a simple distinction (the only one I want, after all).


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