multitude of small delights

“A multitude of small delights constitute happiness.”

Charles Baudelaire

I finished the leftovers today: one last serving of smoked turkey, and an appetizer smatter of salami, crackers, and cranberry goat cheese. All that remains from a delight and food-filled week, from a birthday and a day of thanks. There was a multitude of food this week: food prepared with new recipes, food shared, food carried in foil-covered casserole platters, food munched mid-sentence. My week was sushi and a five-nut brownie, pumpkin soup and ice cream cake, wine and turkey. Someone brought sweet potato souffle to my Thanksgiving buffet, and I had three helpings of it before I brought helping four and five home in a tupperware. All the delights together were wonderful, and although it’s sort of a dull aftermath, finishing leftovers and eating raw salad and doing dishes, the small delights continue to gather: Christmas decorations emerging from this rare California cold front and red cardboard cups full of peppermint lattes emerging from Starbucks.


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