sunday breeze

Here we are, with the immensely difficult task before us of getting to know the beautiful world we live in, and ourselves; and fallible though we are, we nevertheless find that our powers of understanding, surprisingly, are almost adequate for the task–more so than we ever dreamt in our wildest dreams. We really do learn from our mistakes, by trial and error… We can learn, we can grow in knowledge, even if we can never know–that is, know for certain. Since we can learn, there is no reason for despair of reason; and since we can never know, there are no grounds here for smugness.

–Karl Popper

I found this quote in a book I found in the LA Times book room: What’s Happening to News (The Information Explosion and the Crisis in Journalism). An ironic title to find cast aside in the book room, to be sure. As the book review in Time Out Chicago (the only newpaper that reviewed the book written by the former Chicago Tribune editor) writes: the title should instead be, What’s Happening to News??? … There are no conclusions offered in this book asking the all-pervasive question. What’s happening to news, to print, to media–to people who write, and people who read? It’s an exciting and anxious question. I have no answers here, especially not at 9 on an overcast Sunday evening, but it’s still a good quote to start a week on.

Speaking of, apparently the Westside Christian Fellowship across the street gets rowdy on Sunday evenings. Thus the cool and cloudy evening breeze wafting through my open window now carries with it indiscriminate chords of Christian rock. It’s a bit distracting, but… it’s quirky, and so neighborhood-y. Like a good neighbor, they let me park over there when our side of the street is full. It’s very Sunday breezy, and concordant, somehow, with reading Popper in a green armchair and contemplating the big issues.


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