robert pattinson

I’m catching up on my Jon Stewart on Hulu. His guest tonight–Robert Pattinson, who walks on stage to high-pitched screams and catcalls, which rise to a crescendo as he sits down and sweeps his hair up and around, fussing it back and forth (Robert that is, not Jon). I have to say, for the record: I have not read a single Twilight book, nor seen a movie (but not because I consider myself above such entertainment, more because I haven’t gotten around to it). Also, Robert Pattinson is patently unattractive. He is perhaps the most unattractive person who is internationally considered to be attractive.

In this particular interview, he worries that he is becoming too ubiquitous–that he won’t be able to have a career outside of acting, that no one will take him seriously, if, per chance, he wants to become a dentist. (Seriously, he says that.) Poor bloke.


One thought on “robert pattinson

  1. Hahaha I know I saw that one too…does he really want to be a dentist? not sure I get that logic.

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