house keys

: a letter from my grandmother,

: happy birthday, you’re so old now, I’m so proud of you

: a note from my Argentinean grandma named Argentina,

: megan tu comida está en la heladeria del comedor, chau (megan your food is in the kitchen fridge, bye)

: Clarion November 8, 2005 article: “‘Saw’ will frighten you to pieces” by Megan Kimble

: a portfolio containing all subsequent “by Megan Kimble”s

: worn, used, battered clothes—in a soft pile

: A faded navy t-shirt with a white rooster on the front, on the back, gallo pinto, sprinkled spots of bleach

: new, stylish, colorful clothes

: Never-worn designer jeans (original tags—price 200 marked down to 60—still attached)

: a Western Digital external hard drive made in Thailand, 500 GB

: iTunes, iPhoto, and a thousand and one Microsoft word documents

: 2007 planner (used) (a year in the life)

: Flintridge Prep Logbook 2004

: Flintridge Prep Girls Basketball 2002-2003 Season Back-to-Back League Champions scrapbook

: a thank you note from a high school teacher inside a black and white greeting card,

: words of praise

: mini multi-colored Christmas tree ornaments

: a two peso paper note, paper-clipped to a bus ticket

: an unopened spool of printer paper

: a cheap and nicked bronze ring bought from a persuading peddler

: a family gold braclet or a silver chain

: Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, Norton Critical 2nd Edition

: Salman Rushie’s The Jaguar Smile, property of Pasadena Public Library, due date stamped on inside cover 8/31/09

: twenty-six dollars, cash

: a phone cradled in a long neck

: a wedding picture, 1979

: a photograph of a family, 2006

:: house keys

:stuff that makes up a person or stuff I brought with me

Approaching and digging for keys                                                       and entering

that fit and turn with a click in the lock of a home


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