family vacation

1. Seattle with Katie and Tyler.

Seattle sells five-star baked goods, including very large and wonderful chocolate chip cookies, but also has disturbingly short bathroom stalls in the public restrooms.


If you didn’t know, Seattle is also the home of the original Starbucks, which we visited. It also–apparently, so I’ve heard–has a lot of very good coffee places. Katie and I managed to find all the mediocre non-chain coffee shops in Seattle. And then we went to the Chocolate Box, which is simply put, where I will live when I’ve done all that I want to do in my life, and where I shall spend my life’s savings on $4 hot chocolates (and then I’ll probably toddle on over for some more giant chocolate chip cookies and then try to fit–I shall be at this point a giant woman after countless hot chocolates, fat and happy in my retirement–into the short and tiny bathroom stalls of Seattle’s public restrooms.)

Anyway. I liked Seattle, but, again, I don’t know if you’ve heard, it’s very cloudy and rather chilly.

2. Katie and Tyler put me in the back of Katie’s Honda Civic with all of their possessions and enough food to feed a family of five for a week.

IMG_1409 And then we departed for a lovely drive south along Highway 101, along Oregon’s stunning coast. Well, they both said it was stunning. Unfortunately for me, when they packed the car the evening before (a fun-filled activity I had ducked out of to go visit a college friend) they had loaded the backseat full and put me on the left side of the car. As it were, the ocean rolled by the right side of the car (as you may guess on a southerly drive on a western coast). So, thus I spent the 10 hour drive staring at a box of lettuce and various canvas bags while Katie cheerfully pointed out outlet malls and meandering rivers and rock formations, all of which I could not, alas, see.

3. House on the beach: windswept (if there ever is a time for that silly word, it is now), grass and sand and pastels. A beach campfire; apparently, my tolerance for burnt marshmallows has gone way down since the girl scout days, as due to my enthusiasm at the s’more buffet (which I artfully made on a log), I spent the following day with a sugar hangover. We drove to Jebediah National Park and traipsed through the Redwoods, which are very tall trees. My kind of trees. Scrabble, Monopoly; I read three books; we tried to fly a kite but it was beaten by the wind. Lovely trip, lovely family.




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