dreaming of rain…

I’m feeling a little homesick on this sweltering Sunday. Word is that it’s supposed to reach 100 F, but who really knows. The sun is strong, bright and it’s hot, enough that even Juan says you have to be careful in this weather. 


Rainy home (mmm cool, cold, sock weather) and a blond doggy. 

I miss my watch. I keep glancing down at my left wrist, feeling an absence there. I didn’t realize what a watch-wearer I was until my lovely watch (Christmas present) and lovely wallet (full o’ cash) was stolen right out of my nice little hip purse in San Juan del Sur. For some idiotic reason (or because we were running out the door to catch the sunset and I didn’t think, just grabbed), I went out to a gringo bar (pickpocket haven) with a wallet loaded with too much cash, a debit card, driver’s license and health insurance card. My wallet also contained–in a spectacular show of skewed logic–my watch and a charm necklace with marginal price value and loaded with emotional value. To even further tempt the pickpocketing gods, I blabbered on to Kara and to generally anyone who would listen about how safe I feel in Nicaragua. So, obviously, two hours later I feel a tug on my purse. A rush of going-to-be-sick, I plunge my hand into an empty purse and say the only word that comes to mind. Turned around to see five Nicaraguan men staring at me and… what could I do? Go to bed and brave the streets of San Juan the following morning to find an open internet cafe during a city-wide blackout to call Bank of America (and wait on hold for 30 minutes, watching the time clicker count up my minutes and counting the borrowed cordobas clutched in my hand). So the wallet-wrenching (gut-wrenching losing that damn necklace, I didn’t realize I was so sentimental [yes I did], my connection to home/family) was a little traumatic, but I tried very hard to adjust my attitude and enjoy my time by the beach with visiting Kara. Ignoring the wallet…

I couldn’t have asked for a better week. Life chats and skipping rocks on the beach, somewhere here who knows me, knows me so well from outside of here and suddenly I can re-calibrate myself (the Megan I am, want to be) to this weird and different place. Figure out where to move from here and I’m figuring it out, things are moving, shaping, and it’s all very exciting.

Plus, we did a zip line! Tallyhooooo. 



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