a couple Nica beliefs

Attentive as always, Isolina asked me this morning how my knee was. “It’s getting better,” I said. She looked at it and nodded. 

“Si, esta mejorando.”

But, she continued. “You shouldn’t eat beans when you have a cut.”


No. “Or eggs. You shouldn’t eat gallo pinto or eggs.”

Why not, Isolina?

“Because there is too much fat in them and the fat goes to the cut and can cause infection.”

Oh. I pause. One hand on the frying pan, the other holding the two eggs I was about to scramble me-self up for breakfast. I put them away and make myself a much healthier and DELICIOUS banana, peanut butter, and oatmeal smoothie. Mmm. 

Nestor says I drink too much water, that my belly is just going to expand and expand. (He’s right, of course, but not because of the water. Darn you, gallo pinto every morning!). 

Last night, Juan tells me over a Saturday evening liter that Nicas believe eating bread with beer causes you to be more drunk because the yeast in the bread mixes with the beer to make it even more potent. I said that, actually, we believe the opposite, because bread soaks up the beer in your stomach before it arrives to your blood stream. No, he shakes his head, thats not what we believe.


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