between the sun and the moon

After sitting in front of my computer ALL day long, copy and pasting hyper links onto the Surf Nica website in a numb stupor, I went for an afternoon swim. Right about 4 p.m., the sun pours into the Brio common room, and there is no where to escape it: not behind the bar, not at the front tables or at the back tables…maybe in the kitchen, in the pantry (but that’s an awkward place to be found typing emails).

You start to notice it at about 3:45, when you get unusually sweaty, especially in those plastic chairs; you start squinting at your computer screen and your computer starts to overheat. That’s when you know its time for a FREEZING afternoon swim, to slap you awake and make you remember (it’s so easy to forget in front of the florescent screen) that you live by the beach, in Nicaragua. 

I swam parallel to the coast for twenty minutes or so, or until my muscles started to cramp up from the cold, and then jog/walked along the beach barefoot. I decided to hang around for the sunset, and plopped down in front of the surf to watch it. Turning around to stretch, I noticed the full moon ascending behind me. So: the sun descending directly in front of me, the moon ascending directly behind me, and little ol’ Megan, sitting on the beach and seeing, quite literally, the Earth’s place between the moon and the sun. 

Happy spring forward day, even though we don’t have daylights saving time in Nicaragua, and no hour went missing from my day today. But, I feel that the sentiment is a good one to remember… springing forward (versus falling backwards).


One thought on “between the sun and the moon

  1. Just wanted to let you know that someone other than your mother reads your blog! We were the gringos who got all excited last weekend over discovering access to the Internet at the Brio.

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