a photo diary

Quick summary:

Traveling alone is empowering, sometimes scary, scary like diving under a giant wave is scary thrill, but mostly just awesome. I loveeeeed Panama. Panama City & canal, Boquete (a town in the mountains) and Bocas del Toro (an island archipelago in the Carribbean). Not too shabby. Met some fantastic people in the hostels, made friends, cooked some fun dinners and ate lots of pb & j’s. And had a blast. 

Owning my own travel, my own decisions—mistakes and wonderful coincidences and what to do with each day when I wake up. When I wake up and I don’t know what to do with each day, not having a plan, changing the plan, making up as I go along.

The way things just work out, sweet and coincidental (or is there such a thing). The way things don’t work out and rolling with it and thinking that things not working out is just another way of saying that actually, they did. 


with long captions. 


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