lets shoot there son

In one of those random acts of the world converging, today my tutor from my online TEFL certification class sent me the link to a particularly interesting article. It’s almost a direct response to what I was musing about yesterday: spelling. 


If you’re interested. In my very unique and isolated situation here in Nicaragua I quite agree with the author’s point of view: meaning is more important than arbitrary spelling.

But, for those learners of English as a first language: shouldn’t we institutionalize new spellings before we unleash them upon first-graders? English should change and adapt and be flexible, but the first-grade classroom is not the place to implement such changes. I think it’s a good conversation to have–what constitutes good English? The French have an entire academy dedicated to the purification and perfection of their language… nudge, nudge English. 

I thought the comments to the article were equally as fascinating, and I must say, I agree with most. My favorite:

According to Dr Smith here, “It does not make any difference to the meaning of a sentence if you spell ‘their’ as ‘thier’ or ‘there’.”

Oh really? How about “Let’s shoot there son” versus “Let’s shoot their son”?


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