a crab bit me today

I was fording a river leading to the ocean on my run this morning. As is now standard operating procedure, in the rainy season, I encountered this river, took off my shoes and socks, and wadded in. To my shock and pain, down in the murkey water below, a crab’s claw clamped onto my big toe. Hard and it hurt. I screamed (like a girl, the second time this week, I say in chagrin) and ran, arms flailing, out of the water. It drew blood but mostly the icky factor of feeling an unseen claw from an unseen crab clamp down on my toe was what elicited said girl-scream and flailing-arm run. It looks like I’ll survive, though, as the crab didn’t even manage to leave a cut warranting a band-aid. Ha. My big toe showed him. 

I spent the afternoon sketching clouds, trees, and hammocks with my colored pencils meant for second-graders and I must say, I quite enjoyed myself. I wrote a bit about a puddle, during a rainstorm, in my notebook. And that was my day. 

Oh yes. I also had lobster for dinner. For the second time this week. Ooo my life. Barriga llena, corazón contento, say the Nicas. Full belly, happy heart. Indeedo.


One thought on “a crab bit me today

  1. I’m bored at work enjoying your blog.

    That crab really should have known better. No one messes with my megan!

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