i would like to buy a hamburger

I must be going loopy from all the rain, which is by the way, thundering overhead noisily. Three girls came to my night class and then were stuck here for an hour after class due to the duration of the torential downpour.

Today we started our food unit. I spent last evening making food bingo cards for my students using blank printer paper, colored pencils and my lovely imagination. I must say, I’m quite proud of my renderings of such food stuffs as pineapple, beets, and salad. I think my favorite was milk, as I had to adapt the traditional cartoon symbol of a milk carton since I have yet to see a carton here. Instead, on six different bingo boards, in six little different squares, I drew milk being poured into a coffee cup from…a bag of milk! They weren’t actually all that great. I suppose after making six homemade bingo boards over the course of two hours, I got a little attached to them. And I may have over-reacted when my morning class of 11-year-olds began crumpling them and writing on them, without regard for the clear works of art that they are. Next time I should probably leave the arts and crafts for the students…

Anyway, back to rain-induced loopy-Megan. On my third food-unit class today, I for some reason recalled a scene from one of my favorite bad movies, The Pink Panther with Steve Martin and laughed ironically to myself. Silently of course, as I was busy saying ‘I am hungry.’ I took the liberty of YouTubing this video and you may find it below if you feel so inclined to spend the one minute, 52 seconds watching it. Now, I do not mean to insult the intelligence of my students in any way, shape, or form, nor suggest they are like Detective Clusou. But you see how teaching a second language can be a bit ridiculous at times. And that in order to survive, also you simply must be able to find the hilarity in saying: pepper. pe-per. peeeeh-purrrrr. pep. pep. pep. pur. pur pur. PEP.pur. pep.PURH. pepper! 

Oh English. You’re silly.


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