on anticipation

I have officially fit my life into a backpack. A 85 liter backpack, to be sure, but a backpack nonetheless. I feel so accomplished of this tiny fact that I keep forgetting I actually have to live out of the darn thing for the next five plus months. It’s an odd image to cap off an odd couple of months: in June, my dad pulled out of my apartment building in Denver in a 10 foot Budget rental truck, containing most (but not all) of my belongings: today there’s a full backpack slouched against my bed that contains most (but not all) of my belongings. It’s liberating but also silly how much of this trip is the difference between having a lot of stuff and not having a lot of stuff. I still have a lot of stuff–it’s just living in my parent’s garage for awhile. 

So, I’m off to Nicaragua via Miami tomorrow morning. I am… lots of things. Very excited. I don’t know what to expect. (Which I suppose is why I’m going in the first place.) I arrive in the Managua airport in the evening and then must find a shuttle to Granada, a ‘touristy’ colonial town on Lago Cocibolca (that name: co-ci-bol-ca-hey! It’s like a cha-cha line). I’ll be in a hostel for two nights until I meet up with Rob on Sunday. Rob is the owner and coordinator of the hotel/reserve, and the person I’ve been emailing with for the past four months, so I’m excited to meet him. I’ll be catching a ride into Playa Gigante with him and his two sons, who are tagging along for a vacation. I’m glad to be riding with him because his directions for getting into Playa Gigante were like three paragraphs long (take shuttle, walk, another shuttle, find a taxi, barter with them to get you into Gigante). 

I finished my TEFL (teach English as a foreign language) class last week, so I’m officially certified to teach English. Whether or not that means I actually can teach English is a whole ‘nother basket of corn and kidney beans (which my guidebook tells me I will be eating of lot of). I’m ready to try, and I’m ready to dust off my Spanish and get it into working order again. One of my high school Spanish teachers is from Nicaragua, so I chatted with him today about various Nica things. My brain hasn’t worked so hard since… I won’t finish that. Awhile. But I do still speak Spanish, if not fluently right now. I love the challenge and weirdness of existing in another language. 

Okaay. I’ll stop. I have to go to the dentist anyway. Get my first world teeth fixed before I head off to third world dental care. Ha. 

Adios, besos, y amor. Nos vemos al otro lado.


3 thoughts on “on anticipation

  1. We wish you the best of luck with EVERYTHING! We will be thinking of you, and I will be thinking of you daily living out of your backpack… I can’t imagine at the moment. Keep in touch and take tons of pictures! 🙂

    Molly & Matt

  2. Have a great trip to your new (temporary) home. We’ll look forward to keeping up with your adventures. We’ll be in touch

  3. Meg! I’m so proud/jealous of you!! “YOU’RE SUCH A BACKPACKER” Have a safe trip down there – I can’t wait for your adventures to begin! Besos mi amor! Love, Abbey???

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